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Exchange of Values

Exchange of Values
acrylic on board 48'X96'

"Structure of Color Perception"

"Structure of Color Perception"
48'X96' acrylic on board

Saturday, April 21, 2012

*De-digitification*  I Been getting my last will and testaments (living and otherwise) and advanced directives in order.  I am wondering though if one needs to provide for the death of one’s digital/virtual self as well.  A good friend died on tuesday, but friends and family are still posting on his facebook page which I am much obliged for.  However, I was captain of the on-line chess club that he and I both belong to, sometimes we have as many as 100 games going at once with people all over the world.  If something happened to me do I need to designate someone to inform my teammates that they need a new virtual captain and to expediently resign all my games?  It seems like someone ought to announce something on all my blogs, Twitter, and Tumblr accts. and art sites too, and post something official here on facebook.  I wonder how long after I’m gone that Netflix will still be analyzing and picking movies for me or Amazon sending book suggestons?  I reckon my Iphone apps can just slowly de-update until the processor can no longer read the advance binary algorithms of my ‘angry birds’ app.  However, with a few pass words, friends and family could keep my digital self alive for years long after experts have reached consensus on my physical death.  A lot of this sort of thing in hospitals is already determined by machines, maybe someday computers will be tasked with making all of these very difficult life and death decisions, and be programed to also inform all the other virtual provinces of my being, after all, they speak the same language.  I can imagine that long after I am dead, the process of *de-digitification* may grind on for years, and I have mixed feelings about that.  Well, for now, blessings and keep looking up and listening for the shout brothers and sisters!  Obliged, 10001 01011010 00001 101011 0100110 1010111011 00101 01000 00101 00010 11010 0010 100010 (that’s Daniel translated into binary code, and yes there’s an app for that).
p.s. that's an icon of mine form 20 yrs ago with a pixelated Jesus being uploaded.


  1. 01101111011000100110110001101001011001110110010101100100

  2. Obliged DanO. Herre is an Update from fb: check this video of the holographic Tupac out:

    comment must be posted in parts, here goes...

    ***Caution adult content*** Apropos my blog and fb post a couple of days ago about what I called “de-digitification” and how to engage the death of our digital selves. Today i read about/and watched Tupac Shakur, killed in 1996, performing one of my favorites, his “Hail Mary,” hologramically at a concert! So I reckon we’re already way past how to simply grieve for our virtual selves, to accomplishing our own resurrections! Forget about all that Jesus talk in the bible about rising from the dead, I reckon if we can ‘work out our own salvation with fear and trembling,‘ we can work out our own resurrection too! Obliged y’all.

    Hail Mary

    Makaveli in this Killuminati, all through your body.
    The blows like a 12 guage shotty. Uhh
    Feel me.
    God said he should send his one begotten son
    To lead the wild in to the ways of the man.
    Follow me.
    Be my flesh, flesh and my flesh


    Come with me, Hail Mary,
    nigga run quick, see,
    what do we have here now?
    Do you wanna ride or die?
    La, la la la, la, la, la la

    I ain't a killa but don't push me
    revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin {.....}
    Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted
    Peep the weakness in the rap game and showed it
    Bow down, pray to God hoping that he's listenin
    Seein niggas comin for me, through my diamonds,
    when they glistenin
    Now pay attention,
    Rest me please father,
    I'm a ghost in these killin fields,
    Hail Mary catch me if I go,
    let's go deep inside the solitary mind of a mad man
    Screams in the dark, evil lurks, enemies, see me flee
    Activate my hate, let it break, to the flame
    Set trip, empty out my clip,
    never stop to aim,
    some say the game is all corupted,
    fuck this shit, stuck,
    Niggas lucky if we bust out this shit,
    plus momma told me never stop
    until I bust a nut,
    fuck the world if they can't adjust.
    It's just as well
    Hail Mary.

    Penitentiary is packed, with promise makers
    Never realize the precious time the bitch niggas is wastin'
    Institutionalized I live my life a product
    Made to crumble,
    Much to hardened for a smile,
    were to crazy to be humble
    We ballin catch me father please
    cause I'm fallin, in the liquor store
    Pass the Hennessy I hear ya callin
    Can I get some more?
    Hail till I reach Hell, I ain't scared.
    Momma checkin in my bedroom I ain't there.
    I got a head wit no screws in it
    what can I do
    one life to live but I got nothin to lose
    Just me and you
    On a one way trip to prison
    Sellin drugs we all wrapped up in this livin
    Life as thugs
    To my homeboys in Clinton Max, doin there bid,
    Raise hell to this real shit and feel this
    When they turn out the lights
    I'll be down in the dark
    thuggin eternal through my heart
    Now Hail Mary Nigga

  3. I just copied the whole dar thing from fb!

    I am not really as well informed about contemporary rap as I would like to be, but as one who used to function as the “Social Therapy Coordinator” for the “Black Prisoners Caucus” at a prison here in Washington (really I was more of a pimp/enabler...) still, these words speak profoundly to the anguish, sorrow, and anger of prison life--in and out of the physical walls that imprison us. obliged,

    Christ is Risen: The world below lies desolateChrist is Risen: The spirits of evil are fallenChrist is Risen: The angels of God are rejoicingChrist is Risen: The tombs of the dead are emptyChrist is Risen indeed from the dead,the first of the sleepers,Glory and power are his forever and ever
    St. Hippolytus (AD 190-236)

    2Pac Hologram - Hail Mary & 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted w/Snoop Dogg [Coachella]
    DOWNLOAD THE SONG AND VIDEO IN HIGH QUALITY! 2Pac Hologram - Hail Mary & 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted w/Snoop Dogg [Coachella] 2Pac Hologram...
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    Lynda Spiritdove Imburgia I don't know why he has to swear so much! Not my cupa tea!
    Yesterday at 1:25pm · Like · 1
    Judy Thorslund I love Tupac.........he always had a book in his hand when not performing and he did time in one of the oldest and harshest prisons in NY state in Dannemora NY. A Soldier!
    Yesterday at 2:36pm · Like
    Dan Imburgia btw, both Lynda and Judy were some of the volunteer 'therapists' i brought to the prison to help out with rehabilitation/reintegration. They were lights shining in a dark place.
    Yesterday at 4:08pm · Like
    Judy Thorslund I remember you 'forced' me to go and it was my first interaction with black men as well as the prison industry. Tupace mentions cCinton correctional in this song. It is located in Dannemora near the Canadian border Freezing cold in the W...
    See More
    23 hours ago · Like
    Judy Thorslund He tells me that stabbings go on there almost daily and so many, many more things twisted in the prison there and the United States in general. But then that is why we like to keep prisons out of sight and mind right?
    23 hours ago · Like
    Dan Imburgia Yes Judy, you are another successful graduate of my intensive de-afro-phobic treatment. Day one: patient is locked into a cell with 25 black prisoners, most of whom were murderers, for three hours. If you survive, you are cured and then you can join the Catholic Workers and move to a ghetto in NY. congratulations! I should have made up diplomas or something.
    22 hours ago · Like
    Judy Thorslund You got dat right Homie!!!
    21 hours ago · Like
    Judy Thorslund I got me an A+ outta your treatment program and the follow up in Rochester.! And you are teacher of the century in my book.
    21 hours ago · Like
    Lynda Spiritdove Imburgia I'm more a John Denver Fan myself! But, I have to admit...our time in the Prisons as Counselors was amazing! I will never forget it!
    19 hours ago · Like
    Judy Thorslund The word counselor is far from what I was. I was a scared ass, 3 year sober born again christian trying to figure my own ass out let alone a bunch of convicts! I actually do not even remember my times there, only that I fought with Dan about going and he made me go!!
    19 hours ago · Like


  4. Yeah, I've never enjoyed a lot of rap music but "Dance With the Devil" by Immortal Technique seems to be a particularly powerful (and poignant... and violent and explicit) story about cycles of violence in people who are, to borrow the words of an ethnographer I admire, "in search of respect." I also respect Technique because he never sold out -- even though he was courted because of his obvious talent -- and never lost his politics and values in that game (he does have a number of other political raps). Here's the link for "Dance with the Devil":

    Warning: the song does contain triggers for any who have experienced sexual violence.

  5. Hey DanO I don't know if you read the whole garbled mess above, But Judy T was one of my volunteers that had a serious phobia of black men (we wont go into why). Anyway, she stuck it out and it's like it says above, she was locked in with the whole group for 3 or 4 hours right off the bat. In hindsight, I'm not sure this was the best approach and a women guard was killed in the same chapel this year in similar circumstances. If you have a FB acct. maybe make Judy a friend she can share a lot about our experiences working with homeless and runaway teens here in Seattle with us and with the Catholic Workers in NY for years. Hey, how is the job search going? Praying all is as it should be brother, blessings and obliged.