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Exchange of Values

Exchange of Values
acrylic on board 48'X96'

"Structure of Color Perception"

"Structure of Color Perception"
48'X96' acrylic on board

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

on render

when asked to name
whose likeness was on her coin
the saint had only smooth stones
in her pocket


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

“The Triumph of the Church over Fury, Discord, and Hatred.”
(By Peter Paul Rubens. c.1625)

There are 783,137 words in the King James Bible
(And 783,138 spaces)
One day Barabbas bumped into Lazarus in Jerusalem
They drank wine and spoke of old times
Neither mentioned the elephant in the room
Bartholomew died soon after
Sadly of ‘natural causes’
James son of Zebedee finally came out of the closet
Of course the Rabboni knew even before JZ did
Mary Magdalena lives alone in a cave
Ministering to sick pilgrims who come looking
No one sees Thaddeus much anymore
He travels Italia mongering miracles from knock-off Mandylions
Judas took off with the stash but he keeps on
Financing doomed revolutions with profits from his brothels
Pontus Pilate retired to Corinth to remodel his compound
I think theres a cable show about it
Peter keeps insisting on circumcising eunuchs
And embracing socialism
One fundamentalist who got healed took up his bed to follow
But he won’t put it down again until Jesus comes back
At some point people started calling “Jews,” “THE” Jews
Saint Paul never burned his Roman passport
Simon (called “The Zealot”) decided after all to just
’Change the system from the inside’
The ‘Gadarene Swine’ became a chain of Paleo-cafes
Saint Junia was an apostle of indeterminate gender
(we don’t know where (s)he peed)
Two Popes disappeared without a trace
Christian Crucifixes are all made by tiny Chinese communists now
Simon Magus wasn’t first to capitalize on the zeitgeist
Zwingli starved the Roman Catholic Swiss cantons in retaliation
Hussites defenestrated Prague’s schismatics
From the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Snows
I received holy communion there in 1992 but
The Carmelite nuns had already fled in terror
When toads in Hamburg began exploding in the summer of 1486
Fearful church elders blamed ‘The Jews,’ and burned them publicly
As is common practice in europe during any calamity*
A chariot imported from Egypt cost 600 silver shekels ($77,000)
One shekel was a weeks’s wages (1 Kings 10:29)
‘Pele-joez-el-gibbor-abi-ad-sar-shalom,’ is the longest name in the bible
It holds place for the passing shadow of the nameless un-god
The devil tested Jesus with absolute everything, but
After fasting 40 days in the desert Jesus returned with open hands
For a short time whores, lepers, poor people, strangers, queer folk
Were all loved
But that part of the story was lost and forgotten
Predictably, the ‘Seven Demons’ have returned with friends

obliged, daniel imburgia

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photos of my dog Snoot before and after I forget to give him the last bite from my table.

“The woman knelt before Jesus and cried out, “Lord, help me!” But Jesus asked, “Is it right to take the children’s bread and give it to the dogs?” “Yes, Lord,” she said, “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” Mathew 15: v. 25 (Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Baba Bathra 8a.)  h/t Craig Keen

Of Kissing: An Evolutionary Paleo-Ontology With a Key to the Scriptures.

My dog is 100 years old
I wonder who’s master
How many nights
Could he have killed me in my sleep
Yet chose not to

Our deal is
He gets my last bite
I get to eat without pestering
Except for his Jesus on the cross eyes

The Talmud cautions
Sin not against dog
Against our life—world
These are the only unforgivable
Second bites at the apple

Reneging on the deal
Biting the cosmos that feeds you
Forgetting which tree is which
Consolidating etymologies until
Word don’t mean shit

We watch television together
Two broken-down voyeurs
Flickering eyes track fleet wolves
Running to ground an old Caribou
The exhausted bull ran his heart out
Until his legs and lungs surrendered

Respecting the food chain
The Alpha-wolf eats first
Starting with the bleeding-heart
Then the warm liver and soft guts

The congregation circles waiting
For the *Liturgy of Addai and Mari*
Take this spleen, this tongue, this haunch
This is my body
Given up for you

The weakest member gets the last bite
This is the way of the wolf—pack
Before money markets or mercy
We licked fresh blood from each others lips
And over aeons
Found love

(From *The Book of Lost Kisses* By Daniel Imburgia).

Sunday, April 10, 2016

There’s been so many bible based shows coming out recently who needs church? In the last episode of the show “Of Kings and Prophets” the prophet Samuel, King Saul, and Queen Ahinoam, argued over whether to massacre the Amalakites before or after attacking the Philistines. Samuel insisted that commandos whack the pacified Amalakites first but King Saul thought that would be a bad P.R. move and would slow down expansion of the Eastern Empire. Then Queen Ahinoam who knew how to influence dick-headed men attempted to use her pheromones to thwart God’s genocidal plan by seducing Saul and posting a bunch of crap about Samuel on Facebook. Saul was still afraid of God’s wrath though but he also wanted to cuddle with Ahinoam, so when God ordered Saul to un-friend Ahinoam Saul refused—and un-friended Samuel instead! Samuel who had been repressing a bit of a thing for Queen Ahinoam himself retaliated by making fun of Saul’s penis and posting dozens of insulting memes on Saul’s timeline via David’s FB acct. (this move will have regicidal implications in the future I suspect). Then Saul whose pride was engorged by his own blood-thirsty desires did the un-thinkable and un-friended God!!!      Then there was a great pause in heaven..….And God got really pissed and cursed the internet and hid it in a cave in Egypt for 3000 years until Indiana Jones and Chewbacca rescued it from Kylo Ren. The show got canceled after just 2 episodes so I guess I’ll be back to church next Sunday :(

We are thinking about watching "Risen" next:

"(Rated PG-13 for Biblical violence including some disturbing images).  “Risen” Follows the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of Clavius, tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Yahshua following the crucifixion to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem. Written by Sony Pictures.”

“Plot Keywords: crucifixion—judea-- resurrection--bare chested male bondage--See All (20).”

Couple of things. “Written by Sony Pictures.” A thousand years from now will the canonicity of the collected works of Apostle, *Sony Pictures,* be debated at the 3016 Academy of Religion convention held on Pandora?

Keywords: “Bare chested male bondage.” (This is why we need the Catholic Legion of Decency censoring our films again—go Santorum!).

And Is there a separate category now for “biblical violence?” How does BV differ from other violence? If you graphically mutilate and murder someone’s child does it drop from a NC-17 to a PG rating because the victim is a character from the bible? No matter how much sensitivity you used crucifying a chihuahua you would still never get a PG-13 rating.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016



I watched a baby
Rocking on African hips
Absorbing the cadence of life
And wondered
If we all had mothers
Who pounded cassava root
And danced with us on their hips
Maybe we could have survived

The Orchid-Mantis is the brightest
Predator in the rain forest
Wielding its brilliance to attract victims
It hunts for promiscuous bees
Among pure white blossoms the
Flowers evolving into silent accomplices
To this erotic butchery even though
Cutting their own throats

The ancient Greeks wrote:
Our bodies return to Earth
Our blood returns to sea-water
Our soul returns to fire
Our breath returns to air
This seems so obvious
Who would take time to
Write it down?

Tsupuuu is the Quechua word
For the sound that a wounded pig makes
When it tumbles into fast-running water
There is no equivalent word in english
If he ever saw a wounded pig fall into a river
Wittgenstein wisely kept silent about it

The Talmud teaches that four men entered the Garden
Ben Azzai, Ben Zoma, Ben Acher, and Ben Akiba
Ben Azzai beheld the garden and perished;
Ben Zoma walked in the garden and went mad;
Ben Acher became enraged and destroyed the garden;
Ben Akiba entered the Garden in peace and left in peace

My newest gadget has
Ten thousand bird songs
Mating calls, pictures, stats, even
Sounds of many birds already extinct
Sometimes when deep in the forest
I play out-loud their forgotten songs and
Even the Ravens fall silent
For my weeping

The anchorite is mostly blind and rarely speaks
Sometimes trekking virtual pathways
The old one traces the keening of
Desolate machinery seeking help-meets and
Mourning the triumph of binary intercourse
It was the evening of the eight day
And one of their last creations had
Already gone missing

Video is from the documentary film, "Ghost Bird."  Much obliged.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Book Report on, *The Raven's Gift.*

“Every creature is a word of God.”  Meister Eckhart

An old guy Jon Turk kayaks to Siberia and meets 96 yr old indigenous Koryak holy-woman Moolynaut who asked Kutcha Raven-god to heal Jon's pelvis shattered in an avalanche--and so he was healed. Koryak life was lived among Raven Reindeer Salmon Mink Wolf Rabbit Bear River Fox Ice Tree Ocean-Being for thousands of years until the czar's soldiers and priests came from the west and took most of the Reindeer and Furs every year and the czar's priests called them savages and devils so some of the Koryak began wearing brassiere and drinking vodka but other Koryak moved farther into the Wilderness to preserve their lives and culture. years later stalin's soldiers came and took away the czar's priests but also the rest of the Reindeer and furs and proclaimed that all Koryak were now comrade-citizens of the great soviet socialist republic!  so the Koryak had no more Reindeer and their life was violently shattered and the Koryak went hungry or were forced to work in factories and many killed themselves or died from rotten livers. but some few remained on the Tundra and meagerly survived hunting Rabbits and fishing Salmon.  but then again officials from moscow arrived but now they were capitalist and they announced that all the Koryak were now subjects/citizens of a democratic republic, and they possessed many papers (and weapons) proving that all the Salmon and furs were now fungible commodities entirely owned by rich overlords in giant cities thousands of kilometers to the west and then factories invaded on boats tracks planes and they took all the Salmon Fox Mink and cut down Trees so the Koryak could not hunt or fish or breathe. the capitalists priests returned also and preached to the Koryak that their Raven-god was a devil and must be destroyed and since the western men were great destroyers, the few survivors now pray inside wood boxes with colorful pictures of a strange god on the walls.  but it was the men from the west who had killed their own god not the Koryak so they ask why should the Koryak be made to suffer? Moolynaut is the last Holy-woman of the Koryak and she worries that no one will follow her in the way of the Tundra and Kutcha the Raven-god.  there was one other holy-woman even older than Moolynaut from the area of Magadan but 2 years earlier she knew she would soon die so when she could find no young woman willing to learn her wisdom she embraced the sacred Tree and prayed, 'my power came form Kutcha Raven-god and now i return it.'  then the Tree exploded as if struck by Lightening and she and the Tree fell shattered and dead among the smoldering splinters and so her power returned to her creator.  I fear when Moolynaut dies something immensely good, holy, and life-channeling will be lost from this world; not like when the dinosaurs went extinct or a tsunami kills thousands, we may grieve through the loss caused by an ocean storm and still come to dwell in a greater wholeness, but how to we come to abide the transformation of the whole Earth into a murder/suicide crime scene?

Much obliged.

* List of some of the tribes of the northwest coast of usamerica where I live:

Bella Coola

"Jesus told his followers a parable: The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed planted in a field.  It is a small seed yet it grows into a great tree and becomes a home for all the birds who come to shelter in its branches."  Matthew 13:31-32.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Golden Crowned Kinglet

Invisible Killer.  Daniel Imburgia.

I found this beautiful little bird
Dead on the concrete floor
It had crashed into a large picture window
Newly installed and freshly cleaned
I warmed her in my hand and waited
While her Spirit decided if she would stay
I called her *'Lizzie' after Elizabeth Taylor
Who survived many near-death experiences

I prayed for Lizzie but nothing too specific
I wanted to allow space for her and the
God of birds to consider all voices
See the big picture so to speak
Reflect upon future aeons
Who am I to say who lives and dies?

"Golden Crowned Kinglets
Are an exceedingly tame bird,
Often entering human habitations and
Allowing themselves to be picked up or stroked."
(Audabon Field Guide To Birds)

For a hundred thousand years at least
Tiny Kinglets have been flying above these cliffs
Migrating up and down the west-coast
Over glaciers a mile thick and arid desserts
Evading terrible storms and hungry predators
Until men (sic) erected
Stupendous windows on this bluff

In human words the Kinglet's songs when
Flocking and mating translate as a
Very high jingling--'tsii tsii tsii' followed by a
Thin sibilant 'Tsieeee' that chatters toward the end;
'Tsii tsii tsii tsii tiii djit djit djit djit'

Each song has a purpose just as
The window on the bluff has a purpose
As some believe that "Nature has a purpose"
Or as one might speak of a being
Reckoned by what it chooses to see
And what not to


Thursday, January 21, 2016

To A Grieving Poet:

Forgive us when we say
There are no words
Let us mourn together
Their ultimate failure and
Make for them bodies to
Dwell among us
Incarnations of word-flesh
Are no going down though
But a rising
Into speakable love
We are told that
Energy is fungible
Matter thrums
Quarks accelerate
Particles collide, but
My broken child
Is all the universe

That matters


Monday, December 14, 2015

I am making a book of Black-Birds
I hope that this photo and poem may be included.

Jackdaw Fool -- Daniel Imburgia.

“There is a world elsewhere.” Coriolanus, William Shakespeare.

It began the day I was born
When the drugs wore off and
I first opened my eyes to the
Light which would come to
cause me such

I was addicted to amniotic fluid plus
nicotine, alcohol, and barbiturates
and a biting satire that would
cost me friends among
the snugglers.

In the darkness god
was everywhere and
we had no secrets until
my parents circumcised me
after that I began hiding when
people spoke of

During catechism they tried to
blame me for god's murder
so I confessed weekly to
being the cause of paradise lost
and I would punish myself

Doctors invent new medicines for
my condition but still no cure so
pain-management specialists
administer the bread and wine
at sunday communion
until the market objects.

The Jackdaw reminds me
that he is god and
I should have no other
the sun is also a jealous deity
and she makes dire threats
flooding rivers charge the banks
demanding my worship
a newborn fawn dwells
at the center of her universe, but
the willow I planted now shades the
old Japanese pear tree and so
it no longer bears fruit
or speaks to me.

I come to miss that darkness
I fear less abiding in mystery
attending to the voices of silence
speak not of unforgivable sins
or the promise unkept
why wait for someone to
come get us from
somewhere else


Monday, November 30, 2015

Snoot and Tehya

The Eucharist is not a chew-toy: Why My Dogs Are Roman Catholic.

I should have more respect than to eavesdrop on my dog Snoot when he is praying but from what I overhear he may entertain some questionable forms of Eckhartian creation spirituality with universalist overtones but I long ago gave up attempting to challenge Snoot's or anybody else's divergent theological suppositions--Yet when we leave Snoot home alone I put "Nature" shows on the TV for him to watch but perhaps I shouldn't presume that he would enjoy watching wild packs of free roaming timber wolves chasing down fleeing caribou while he lays on soft carpet gnawing a green toothbrush shaped kale and chia-seed stick (and I choke down my vegan bean and sawdust burger) when what we both crave is to tear the throats from of our prey drink their blood howl at the moon and dance naked around a fire swinging fists full of entrails into the air while ripping bites from the raw bloody hearts of the vanquished--

"Civilization" is the most violent word imaginable especially after it's horrifying apocalyptic phase is accomplished and it has begun to somulate its victims with "Adventure Cruises," "reality TV," and populist mega-churches leading to the false worship of an imaginary Snow White Xmas-card religion celebrating a Disney-Christos born painlessly in a spotless manger surrounded by Bambi, Thumper, and Mrs. Possum, when the actual Bambi was Jewish (written by Felix Salten) and he and the rest of the forest animals were refugees running for their lives from anti-semitic falangist maniacs intent on genetic/religious purity and destroying the forest for their own profit--

Perhaps that other infant messiah, the brown Palestinian Jesus can help me resist these "civilizing" projects and maybe its this outsider Jesus who barely escaped with his own life once as a baby when CEO's concerned about commodities markets and the bottom-line figured it was more economically efficient to just kill every newborn in the ghetto rather than take a chance on a future hostile corporate take-over--maybe its this alien survivor Jesus that is the one being discussed by the other soon to be slaughtered sheep in their own secret language and who are wondering whether this peculiar 'Messiah' will oppose and confront the slaughter of ALL of the innocents or will he just gorge himself on beers and God-father's pizza while cheering his brain-damaged home-team to another Superbowl victory or if instead he will he become a wild desert coyote prophet messiah who burns like volcanic magma against the empire's principalities and powers while hanging about with tax-collectors, whores, and lepers, exchanging barbs with the daemons he extracts and transplants into the herds of tiny piglets who clog our minds and arteries and who will at the last trump be cast into the lake of Lipitor--

Our dogs Snoot and Tehya love it when company comes over because they get more attention and food is always getting dropped on the floor so the other day some folks came over and we were  exchanging japes and jibes and watching the romantic comedy "bringing up baby" and peacefully bantering in a cozy little house chuckling at this movie couple's antics who are so obviously in love with each other but are having such a hard time consummating the relationship because of an endless series of mishaps and hijinks--*oh how will they ever get together?*-- there is wine and moldy european cheeses we pretend to enjoy within the parameters of socially administered Jouuisance and all the rules of acceptable interaction are unconsciously being interpolated and obeyed--imagine us as an Althusserian community of yellow-labs who have learned to carry our leashes in our own mouths as our sashaying flaneurs amble about the town without exercising any apparent means of external control over their thralls as exactly on cue we grinning golden-hearted dog/angels wag our bottoms and choke back our repressed rage--

Kathryn Hepburn reads: "…'he's three years old, gentle as a kitten, and likes dogs.'" She puzzles, "I wonder whether Mark means that he eats dogs or is fond of them?" But our stomachs are full and we're all a bit tipsy/drowsy and our two dogs Snoot and Tehya are laying on their sides like two bloated heifers snoozing oblivious to the dramas---until Snoot lifts his head and begins licking his testicles right there in front of everybody so we'alll just sort of ignore him and swirl and snuffle our shardonay but then Tehya takes an interest in Snoot's private parts as well and gives them a quick sniff but decides that a dropped prosciutto wrapped canapĂ© is more interesting so she lunges for it when this transgressive act of wolf code-breaking expropriation incites some dormant instinct deep inside Snoot's limbic cortex where some tiny amt. of wildness I haven't lobotomized yet with 'atta-boys' or 'bac-o-bites' survives and it awakens in him with such violent fury that he pounces on Tehya like a velociraptor to claim his right of possession and restore the household pack to the established dog-order while we humans are all too shocked to move when this terrific dog-fight breaks out--

Now Tehya is a Siberian Husky with fine sharp teeth and she is much closer to her Canis lupus ancestors than the Malamute mongrel Snoot is and so she battles tooth and dew-claw for the right to the canapé and in an instant my 9 X 12 carpet is transformed into a battle-field stained with blood, fur, and cured meats as two ferocious beasts attack growl howl and snap at each other--its not a fair fight though, it seldom is, but Snoot is a boy and he's got 20 pounds on Tehya and he eventually bites her so hard that she yelps in pain and surrenders by rolling onto her back and offering her throat and soft belly to her masculine overlord--Snoot cowers over her scanning the room defiantly as if to ask if any of the rest of us wine-swilling domesticated E.D. plagued males wants to question his authority--but the entire incident only lasts maybe 10 seconds and we are all still too shocked by this breach into barbarism to even move but just as I start to rise from my chair to defend my sweet baby girl, Snoot on his own accepts Tehya's surrender allowing her too rise to her feet and then they begin to nuzzle and lick at each other playfully a bit when the next thing you know his ears go half-back and his tail stiffens and now Snoot starts sniffing Tehya's private parts and then just like that he is humping away at her backside even though his testicles are in a dumpster behind the veterinarians office because although he has been "fixed" sometimes phantom urges compel him to just keep going through the motions in a humiliating sacramental parody--

So when people ask me why I assume that my dog is Roman Catholic I tell them that its because its the church where they hang a half-naked life-like statue of an executed terrorist up on the wall for everyone to witness--its a church where Jesus' wounds and blood haven't all been sanitized and tidied up and the whole filthy mess tossed into the dumpster behind the chapel because in the Catholic church they worship blood and they make more and more of it each time they gather turning water into wine--wine into blood--and then that blood mingles with our blood and other bodily fluids through a miracle of redemptive miscegenation and for just a few moments each week it overflows the gilded grails we keep constructing for it in the blasphemous hope of containing and controlling the power that inheres to sacrificed hemoglobin and as we sing elegiac sagas ministers scurry about attempting to mop-up any of the blood that escapes onto the floor contaminating our shoes so we won't track it out into the parking lot or streets, shops, or homes, but still sometimes you can see those bloody trails drying and fading in the early sunday morning sun or being washed away by rain and tears, after the music changes into a silent whistle and we beasts who have been broken and bred to civilization take our leashes back into our own mouths as we lead ourselves out into the life-like machine world of blood-less grace.

God bless and obliged.

p.s. I started writing this at morning Mass recently the day after Tehya died as a sort of a farewell obituary.  We miss and love her.