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Exchange of Values

Exchange of Values
acrylic on board 48'X96'

"Structure of Color Perception"

"Structure of Color Perception"
48'X96' acrylic on board

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Acrylic on board 24" X 34"  1981

Bound for Glory. A Children’s Jubilee poem by Daniel Imburgia

Jesus was seen riding on a train from Quintana Roo
They call this train ‘La Bestia’ (The Beast)
Wretched snake of death, some believe
The devil dances in the boiler as the train
Twists and turns, whistles and roars
Belching choking black smoke and fiery sparks
Jesus hangs on to the roof of the train car
Smoking his pipe and singing songs to
Comfort the hearts of the frightened children

“Corre, corre niños” He sings
Pajarito vuela
Que las estrellitas, ya están en la escuela

La maestra luna dicta la lección
Y las estrellitas ponen atención

Una estrella chica se pinta de tiza
Y las estrellitas se mueren de risa*

Jesus was dressed up like a payaso
And to take their minds from their hunger he
Performed magic tricks or told them stories
About a blessed land of faith and plenty
A country built upon the literal words of god and
Eagerly waiting their Messiah’s second coming
Behold I am coming swiftly he announced, then
Jesus stood up and stretched out his arms
His body swaying with the motion of the train
I am the king of the universe he shouted into the wind
Follow me all you who are weary and heavy laden and
I will lead you through this desert wilderness all
The way to paradise
Core, Core, niños, y vuela!

From a thousand miles away they could see the wall
From a hundred miles away they could see the wall
From ten miles away they could see the wall
For the wall rose until it reached the clouds yet
Workers still piled more stones upon stones
More welded steel and barbed wire
More broken glass and surveillance cameras
For the people hiding behind the wall were very afraid
Jubilee is not good news for everyone

Fear not, I have returned!
Jesus proclaimed to the border guards
This is the event of Jubilee
Let your hearts be filled with joy
I am good news for the poor
I have come to set your prisoners free
I cause the blind to see and the lame to walk
Everyone’s debts are forgiven
No more banks, no more loan sharks
Homes and lands will be returned to
Their first peoples
Widows and orphans will have a favored portion
Rejoice! Rejoice!
The children began praising God
Police dogs began praising God
Street vendors selling chicharrones began praising God
Whores began praising God
Drug addicts began praising God
Rocks began praising God
Even the cockroaches began praising God
But the border police were not praising god
And the gates to paradise stayed shut

You can not cross the wall the guards said
Your papers are not in order
Your skins are too brown
Your language is foreign
Your customs are strange
Your laughter is painful to our ears
Your songs are not our songs
Your foods are unfamiliar
Your needs are too great
Your gods are not our gods
Our gods are fat
Your gods are skinny
Our gods are rich
Your gods are poor
Our gods are strong
Your gods are weak
Our gods are plush
Your gods are wretched
Our gods bless and protect us
Your gods curse and despise you
Our gods are mighty warriors
Your gods are helpless victims

Then Jesus got pissed
And as he looked up into the surveillance camera
The Spirit came upon him and he opened his bible
Prophesying from the book of Ezekiel:

“The day of the Lord has come
Not one stone of this wall will rest upon another
He will strike it down with great vengeance and furious anger
The inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men is over
Though the path of the righteous one is beset with inequities
The Lord comes in the name of charity and good will
He is the keeper of the innocent and the finder of lost children
Shepherding them through the valleys of darkness
And when all of your walls are torn down then you will know that
My name is the Lord.”

But the border police just murmured among themselves saying
Is this not the son of Juan and Concheta
Is this not the son of Pilar and Agipito
Is this not the son of Guillermo and Ofelia
Is this not the son of Pedro and Evita
Is this not the son of Gabriella and Xavier
Is this not the son of Fatima and Rafael
Is this not the son of Ximena and Esteban
Is this not the son of Jose and Maria
How then does this coyote call himself “The Lord?”

The police phoned their captains for instructions
The captains phoned their generals for instructions
The generals phoned their superiors for instructions
Keep the gates closed the superiors told the generals
Keep the gates closed the generals told the captains
Keep the gates closed the captains told the guards
The gates stay closed the guards told Jesus

And because of their unbelief
Jesus could do no miracles there
So he went out into the desert to pray
And the children followed behind him
They walked for 40 days in the hot sun
Feet blistered, skin burned, lips cracked, but
They finally came to the end of the great wall
Look said Jesus, just as I foretold
The great wall is no more
But still blocking their path to paradise
Was a wide and swift river
Jesus stood silently praying on the shore
The children whispered among themselves
Will he part the rushing waters?
Will he cause the river to dry up?
Will a bridge miraculously appear?
Will angels come and carry us across?
Will he simply walk over the top of the water?
Jesus heard all of the children’s questions
His heart was filled with compassion for them
He blessed their faithfulness and innocence
Today you shall be with me in paradise he promised them
He took one giant step forward
His foot hovered over the troubled water
Then he leaned towards paradise and
As his foot pierced the surface
The children held their breath and prayed, but
The water did not part
The river did not go dry
No bridge appeared
No angels came
His foot sank into the soft muck
Ooze squished up between his toes
Jesus turned and said to the children
Follow me
And they did.


Note* Translation of the song above:

Run, child run,
Fly little birdie,
For the little stars already are in school.

The teacher moon dictates the lesson
And the little stars pay attention.

A girl star is using chalk as make-up
And the little stars die of laughter...

And here is a link to the documentary "La Bestia"