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Exchange of Values

Exchange of Values
acrylic on board 48'X96'

"Structure of Color Perception"

"Structure of Color Perception"
48'X96' acrylic on board

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frankensteining Christ In America

When in Rome I make a pilgrimage to his grave.

The American Way

I am a great American
I am almost nationalistic about it!
I love America like a madness!
But I am afraid to return to America
I’m even afraid to go into the American Express—


They are frankensteining Christ in America
in their Sunday campaigns
They are putting the fear of Christ in America
under their tents in their Sunday campaigns
They are driving old ladies mad with Christ in America
They are televising the gift of healing and the fear of hell
in America under their tents in their Sunday
They are leaving their tents and are bringing their Christ
to the stadiums of America in their Sunday
They are asking for a full house an all get out
for their Christ in the stadiums of America
They are getting them in their Sunday and Saturday
They are asking them to come forward and fall on their
because they are all guilty and they are coming
in guilt and are falling on their knees weeping their
begging to be saved O Lord O Lord in their Monday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
and Sunday campaigns

(rest in comments, Obliged).


  1. 3

    It is a time in which no man is extremely wondrous
    It is a time in which rock stupidity
    outsteps the 5th Column as the sole enemy in America
    It is a time in which ignorance is a good Ameri-cun
    ignorance is excused only where it is so
    it is not so in America
    Man is not guilty Christ is not to be feared
    I am telling you the American Way is a hideous monster
    eating Christ making Him into Oreos and Dr. Pepper
    the sacrament of its foul mouth
    I am telling you the devil is impersonating Christ in America
    America’s educators & preachers are the mental-dictators
    of false intelligence they will not allow America
    to be smart
    they will only allow death to make America smart
    Educators & communicators are the lackeys of the
    American Way
    They enslave the minds of the young
    and the young are willing slaves (but not for long)
    because who is to doubt the American Way
    is not the way?
    The duty of these educators is no different
    than the duty of a factory foreman
    Replica production make all the young think alike
    dress alike believe alike do alike
    Togetherness this is the American Way
    The few great educators in America are weak & helpless
    They abide and so uphold the American Way
    Wars have seen such men they who despised things about
    but did nothing and they are the most dangerous
    Dangerous because their intelligence is not denied
    and so give faith to the young
    who rightfully believe in their intelligence
    Smoke this cigarette doctors smoke this cigarette
    and doctors know

    Educators know but they dare not speak their know
    The victory that is man is made sad in this fix
    Youth can only know the victory of being born
    all else is stemmed until death be the final victory
    and a merciful one at that
    If America falls it will be the blame of its educators
    preachers communicators alike
    America today is America’s greatest threat
    We are old when we are young
    America is always new the world is always new
    The meaning of the world is birth not death
    Growth gone in the wrong direction
    The true direction grows ever young
    In this direction what grows grows old
    A strange mistake a strange and sad mistake
    for it has grown into an old thing
    while all else around it is new
    Rockets will not make it any younger—
    And what made America decide to grow?
    I do not know I can only hold it to the strangeness in man
    And America has grown into the American Way—
    To be young is to be ever purposeful limitless
    To grow is to know limit purposelessness

  2. Each age is a new age
    How outrageous it is that something old and sad
    from the pre-age incorporates each new age—
    Do I say the Declaration of Independence is old?
    Yes I say what was good for 1789, is not good for 1960
    It was right and new to say all men were created equal
    because it was a light then
    But today it is tragic to say it
    today it should be fact—
    Man has been on earth a long time
    One would think with his mania for growth
    he would, by now, have outgrown such things as
    constitutions manifestos codes commandments
    that he could well live in the world without them
    and know instinctively how to live and be
    —for what is being but the facility to love?
    Was not that the true goal of growth, love?
    Was not that Christ?
    But man is strange and grows where he will
    and chalks it all up to Fate whatever be—
    America rings with such strangeness
    It has grown into something strange and
    the American is good example of this mad growth
    The boy man big baby meat
    as though the womb were turned backwards
    giving birth to an old man
    The victory that is man does not allow man
    to top off his empirical achievement with death
    The Aztecs did it by yanking out young hearts
    at the height of their power
    The Americans are doing it by feeding their young to the
    For it was not the Spaniard who killed the Aztec
    but the Aztec who killed the Aztec
    Rome is proof Greece is proof all history is proof
    Victory does not allow degeneracy
    It will not be the Communists will kill America
    no but America itself—
    The American Way that sad mad process
    is not run by any one man or organization
    It is a monster born of itself existing of its self
    The men who are employed by this monster
    are employed unknowingly
    They reside in the higher echelons of intelligence
    They are the educators the psychiatrists the ministers
    the writers the politicians the communicators
    the rich the entertainment world
    And some follow and sing the Way because they sincerely
    believe it to be good
    And some believe it holy and become minutemen in it
    Some are in it simply to be in
    And most are in it for gold
    They do not see the Way as monster
    They see it as the “Good Life”
    What is the Way?